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Time to indulge the foodies


(I myself am made entirely of flaws, and consider food merely fuel that keeps me upright and functioning)

Say what you may about the food in Bremen – summing it up, I can declare it’s all good – hearty food, huge portions and more than fair prices.


Achim’s Beck’shaus

Type: Restaurant, Bar
Location: Carl-Ronning-Straße 1, Bremen

My favorite, hands down!

I ate here twice – not only because the food is excellent and service exceptional (very cute waiters, might I add), but because the second time, nothing else seemed to be open (it was Easter Sunday).

Image (c) Achim's Beck'shaus

Image (c) Achim’s Beck’shaus

Achim’s Beck’shaus is small – seats about 50 people indoors – and offer an outdoor seating, unfortunately in the immediate vicinity of an underground parking lot exit. As it’s a sports bar, the Bundesliga is on TV 24/7, but it’s rather calm and quiet here.

The atmosphere is cosy – dark furniture and walls, very little room to move around (once again – cosy), small tables seating max four.

Image (c) Achim's Beck'shaus

Image (c) Achim’s Beck’shaus

The food is excellent. I had Jägerschnitzel the first time, and the Beck’shaus Pfanne the second time around – both very hearty, enormous portions to very fair prices. And when I say enormous, trust me – the Beck’shaus Pfanne comes in a frying pan, and consists of fried potatoes, 3 pork medallions, onions, mushrooms and sauce. It takes forever to consume this amount of food –  and those that know me, know I’m not big on eating, so large portions scare the living bejeez out of me – but I can proudly say I sat and ate untill the frying pan was completely empty! My stomach hurt afterward. But it was worth it. This food is SO good!

Beck’shaus Pfanne – €13,90
Jägerschnitzel – €11,90
Large Beck’s Pilsner, 0,4L – €3,50

Menu available here (German & English)

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Flett – Ständige Vertretung im Flett Bremen Gastroniomie GmbH

Type: Restaurant
Location: Böttcherstrasse 3-5, Bremen

Photo (c) StäVMy first night, after a long walk all over Bremen, I ended up at the Böttcherstrasse. I can’t say I was all that hungry, but figured it was time for dinner (it was 19:00/7pm, which should tell you a little something about my sans-food endurance), so I started looking for a place to eat.

Flett is the only restaurant available at the Böttcherstrasse, but it’s by no means a cop-out. This restaurant, even though the decor might scare less well-traveled visitors, is a must-experience in Bremen!

Even though it’s located in one of the most touristic parts of Bremen, is a hangout for locals. I only heard German during my visit, and it was actually quite difficult to get a waitress that spoke English. But between my broken German and their broken English, we managed to get me seated (in a very full restaurant!), and order in food.

I had the Stäv Teller, a hearty plate of mixed meats – veal, chicken and pork medallions – with fried potatoes and mixed vegetables. Another very large portion of excellent, hearty food.

The decor is… well… interesting. But that’s a rather PC way of summing it up. As someone that’s not all that familiar with German politic and culture pre-, and post wars, I wasn’t sure where to look. Luckily, I found another guest to stare at. The walls are littered by b/w photographs from what seems to be pre- and during-war times of people you won’t recognize unless you have a relation to Bremen.

The restaurant takes about 100-150 guests and offers also booking for large parties in the annexed room. Definitely worth a try if you are starving in the area of the Böttcherstrasse. If you’re just peckish, take the five-minute walk over to Achim’s Beck’shaus, and enjoy (equally) excellent food in a more at ease atmosphere.

StäV Teller – €15,80
Large Kölsch Pilsner, 0,4L – €3,70

Menu available here (German only)

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Coffee-Art-House Allegretto

Type: Coffee house
Location: Knochenhauerstraße 5, Bremen

IMG_2984Is it PC to say you love a place where you didn’t tip?

I have a soft spot for small, quaint and charming cafés with outdoor seating and homemade pastry (even if I don’t usually eat sugar). Allegretto surprised me with four menu’s – one for coffee art, one for hot cocoa art, one for tea art and one for things I don’t even recall! Imagine pages up and pages down of amazing, tempting, hot coffee with whatever imaginable in the world – that’s caffeinated paradise!

I stopped for a quick recafination and ended up staying for over an hour. It was warm in the sun outside, the coffee was good and the cake was really nice too! I had the Cappuccino Créme Brülee and a Käsekuche (I’m a huge fan of Polish cheesecake called Sernik and I try to find the equivalent all over the world – sadly, only Sernik at a small café in Kraków, Poland measures up).

Indoors, the decor is homey and warm. Outdoors, it’s a cosy small seating offering a perfect view of a lazy city street, close enough to city center to have pedestrian traffic, but far enough to be calm and quiet.

Cappucino Créme Brülée – €4,90
Käsekuche – €3,50

Disclaimer: I tried to tip the waitress €5, but she kept trying to break it down in change and give it back to me, so I finally gave up, took the fiver and left. Honestly I felt bad, but sometimes, the language barrier gets the best of me…

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Alex am Domshof

Type: breakfast place, bar
Location: Domshof 16, Bremen

Photo (c) http://www.holidaycheck.de/Some people treat breakfast places as the place to have breakfast. I turn the day/night thing around, and frequent these venues mostly at night. My visit here was post-walking around Bremen for past three hours, shooting photos of everything that didn’t move, and need to say, I was in for a Bier. So, needless to say, I have no idea how their breakfast is – but the outdoor seating is large and with a nice view of the cathedral and the back of the city hall. Large interior, rather modern. Outdoor seating cosy, under a huge “umbrella” structure. Nice view, worth a sitdown after sightseeing in Bremen!

Menu available here


SSP Deutschland GmbH

Type: bakery
Location: Bremen Hauptbahnhof, Bremen

Photo  (c) Kamps BakeriesI needed provisions for my bus ride home and as I didn’t find any sandwich places, I decided to get something from the local bakery Kamps Bahnhof, which I had spotted during my raid for Elnette Hairspray at Rossmann Hauptbahhof.

It was close to my hotel, it smelled divine and the prices were to kill for. So I shopped. I usually don’t frequent bakeries, but this one made me reconsider my no-sugar policy. I had four home-made pastries to go, which lasted me all through the travel back home, as they were quite large and very tasty!

I can recommend the Apfelfransbroe (with apples – “broe”  is commonly used for pasty) for € 1,49, the Franzvroetchen, the Streuseltaler and the Mohnplunder, all for €1,79 each. Some extremely sweet, others airy, others quite solid. For those that prefer spicy over sweet, I’d recommend their Pizzabroe! Travels well!