Here’s a kicker – I though nobody read my blog, appears at least one person is! Thank you Weekendhighlights for the nomination, it’s honouring you want the blog community to know more about me!

The Liebster Awards originated in Germany (so it’s ironic I was nominated for my Bremen-post!) and basically means “Award to my lovely”. An avid blogger over at Wordingwell did some sleuth work and got down to the bottom of the awards. Apparently, there’s about the same amount of rule sets for the awards as there are blogs, but I’ll honor Weekendhighlights, who nominated me, and use their set of rules. Which are:

• Nominate bloggers that have less than 200 followers to shine a light on the amazing work they post online
• The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them
• Provide 11 facts about yourself
• Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you
• Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.

11 Random Facts

  1. My biggest passions in life are traveling and photography (I’ll cut down on eating if it means I can afford to go on one more trip abroad)
  2. I devour books – any kind
  3. I love to draw, paint and write
  4. I can’t live without music
  5. Hot bath are orgasmic
  6. I speak eight languages, but only three fluently
  7. 99% of the time, you’ll find me in a pair of high heels. I suffer from Napoleon-complex, but where he invaded countries, I invade shoe sales
  8. I have a day job and I’m also a business owner
  9. I’m an avid archer
  10. I love rainbows
  11. I’m ambidextrous

 11 Answers to the 11 Questions

1. Why did you start blogging? 

I love writing. I love traveling. I love photography. And my hard drive is pretty much stuffed with that stuff, so I figured I’d put it in the cloud. In the meantime, I love reading travel blogs to get tips before my every next trip. So I figured – why not start sharing myself? And here I am…

2. What do you like the most about yourself?

I love myself. I know it’s not politically correct to say things like that, but I fully accept that I’m not perfect and actually think my flaws and imperfections make me a more interesting person. I’m brutally honest with people (that definitely includes myself), I’m extremely open to new experiences, I’ll try anything once – and I’m an introvert. So I challenge myself every day, which in my book counts for personal growth. I intend to grow exponentially! 🙂

3. What quality do you like the most in others

Being themselves at all times. I don’t always like them, but I always respect them for being honest about themselves. And of course people being kind to one another. We tend to get so me-focused in our society, that opening the door, giving up your seat on the train or simply smiling at another person goes a long way. Kind hearts make me melt, I suppose.

4. Favorite place/city and why?

Of places I have been, it has to be my hometown Krakow, Poland. It’s hard to explain, but when the plane touch ground on the Balice tarmac, and the prerecorded voice claims “you have reached your port of destination” (in Polish “port przeznaczenia” can either translate to “destination” or “where you meant to be – your place in life – port of fate”), it just gets easier to breathe…

Of places I am yet to go… I’ve always had a strange draw towards San Francisco. But the world is big, and I want to see every single part of it, so I don’t know.

5. If you won ten million dollars in lottery, what would you buy first?

Trips. I know it’s not exactly altruistic, but I would treat my loved ones to their dream destinations, and then I’d go out into the world myself

6. Your favourite book?

Too many to mention. Books are situation-adapted. I loved “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coehlo when I read it, but I didn’t like a single one of his other books. I’m a huge fan of “How to Talk to a Widower” by Jonathan Tropper, but I can easily go without the other works of his. My return-to book is “Side roads” by Joanna Chmielewska, an amazing, funny, dark crime story and road trip.

7. Favorite movie?

While you were sleeping. I know, you’ll probably lose all respect for me now, but I adore that movie. Which is strange, because I loath romantic comedies.

8. If you could go on a date with anyone, who would you chose and why

Someone who not only accepts me, but actually loves me just for whom I am. No matter how difficult I get.

9. What do you do, to relax?

Read. Travel. Sleep. Preferably conjoint.

10. What are you most afraid of?

Babies. They scare the living daylight out of me!

11. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

Say goodbye to the people I love

 Questions from Weekendhighlights:
(these are for me to answer, but not for my nominees)

1. If you could have anyone in the world to read your blog, who would it be?

Fellow travelers that might benefit

2. What was the best meal you’ve ever had?

I’m not a foodie – food to me is fuel that keeps me from falling over and stop functioning, so if I could get a pill that would fill my daily need to calories, vitamins and alike, I’d be happy.

3. If you could eat with anyone, who would it be?

Nobody. Seriously, get me that pill and I’ll be on my way!

4. Who is your all time favourite author?

I don’t have one. I love books and reading, and I’ll read pretty much anything that falls into my lap. Some books I dislike, but I’ll finish them anyway, because I’m a firm believer that you can’t critique something you know nothing of. Some books fit right into the tiny holes in my heart left by life…

5. Is there a language that you want to learn?

I want to brush up on the languages I used to know (German, Spanish, French) fluently, but now can only get by, by the skin of my teeth. And then I’d love to learn Japanese and Arabic.

6. Who is your favourite musician?

Same as with books. I don’t form relations with a band or a singer, I form bonds with songs. Some hit me in the soft spots, some just hit me hard. But if I have to mention someone, I’d say the voice of Pat Monahan (the singer from Train) always gets to me. I also really like the lyrics sung by The Script

7. If you could be in any city right now, which city would it be?

It’s funny. Last weekend, I was in Bremen, then I went to Skopje, and now that it’s a long weekend, I was almost on my way to Paris, but halted myself – because I realized I’m paying rent for an apartment that I frequent less than I frequent the local airport. So right now I’m pretty content being at home.

Having that said, if I closed my eyes, and woke up in Barcelona and could stay till the 11th of May, to be able to get out to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya I wouldn’t exactly cry over it… 🙂

8. What is your biggest annoyance?


9. What is the one thing you wanted to do but didn’t get to do?

Tell that one that got away how much he means to me

10. What product can’t you live without?

My Canon Eos. Seriously, somebody should organise an intervention for me, because I’m hooked. Big time!

11. What inspires you?

Traveling, new experiences, fantastic colors, the smell of coffee in the morning, his smile, the perfect song, thunderstorms, hearing the stories of others… life!

Questions for my nominees to answer:
(okay, guys, this is where it gets serious for you!)

1. What moment in your life defines you?

2.  Five ways to win your heart

3. Five guys/girls you find attractive (real or fictional) and why

4. A quote you live by

5. A dirty little secret (that’s still PC enough to post online!)

6. Things you want to say to a random ex

7. Whom are you five years from now?

8. What makes you break down and cry?

9. What makes you bubble over with joy?

10. Your current job/career – and what you secretly wish you were doing?

11. Use one word to describe me

My Nominees (no particular order)









Hey guys, feel free to ignore this – but I’d really like for you to reply… 🙂