Short story. On an all-inclusive resort, where some people get up at 7am to start eating and drinking and don’t stop until the last restaurant throws them out at 3am, I struck up a conversation with a slightly intoxicated gentleman in regards of tipping-or-not-tipping (waiters, cleaning ladies etc).

I’m a firm believer of tipping, and the further away from Europe I go, the more I tip. Maybe I’m being bigot, but when I hear my cleaning lady earns 1/10 or 1/15 of what I earn, and when I recalculate how much my trip over there cost me (and how she’d have to work for a year and still not have enough to indulge, like I see natural for me to do), I tip big.

Here’s the kicker. This slightly intoxicated gentleman from another western, wealthy country, gave me a very condescending look and announced “I have all inclusive, I’ve already paid their salaries!”

“Yes” I tried to reason. “But they don’t earn that much, and pretty much live off tips…”

“If they earn too little, they should get another job. It’s not my problem and I wont promote a stupid system of tipping. Nobody tips me back home!”

Yes, he was right, nobody tips me, either, but I earn enough not to have to depend on tips. My cleaning lady in a hotel far, far from home does not. The tiny fraction of him being right set aside, he got me pretty mad.

“Is it really so easy to just drop whatever you’re doing and get a better paying job in your home country?” I asked, probably a bit colder than I should have, because his watered-down drink immediately frosted up again. He looked sheepishly at me.

“No, but…” he mumbled, but I wasn’t done.

“Set that aside, if they all quit and got better paying jobs, who would wait on your fat ass hand and foot?” I barked. I might not have said “fat”, but the jest of the words I used was there. I grabbed my book, my towel and stormed off.

Most people tip. They see it natural to reward someone that goes out of their way to make them feel welcome and comfortable and never wanting for anything. But then there are some entitled ones, that already paid and wont promote stupid tipping systems. Because they don’t get tips back home.

If it’s tourist season, why isn’t it legal to just shoot them?