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You all know them – not necessarily mean, not necessarily girl. But travel snobs, in all forms. Those that turn their nose on group travel, refuse to be called tourists and pretend a trip is beneath them unless it’s genuine. Trying to make you feel like shite for not aspiring up to their level of expertise…

I read the post “Why pretentious travelers fill me with hate” over at Nomadic Matt at it took me back just a few months, when we were discussing recent travels in a small group of friends. I was talking of my nascent trip, which happened to be to Mexico, with my mom. I’m a good daughter, so the trip was mom’s Christmas present. I wanted her to have a good time, so it was a five star resort, all inclusive, group package, basically door-to-door delivery. The moment I said those words, I could virtually hear the “You can’t sit with us!” that accompanied her grimace as she turned her pretty nose up at me.

What she did say, in absolute contempt, was: “Oh, God, I would never go on a package holiday, especially not to a resort! And all-inclusive? Disgusting! You never experience the real…”

Here’s where I picked up my halberd and made the squeaky sounds stop. Well, not really, but I did pick up my coffee cup and walk away, leaving her mid sentence. I heard the “How rude!” she fired at my back, but honestly, I couldn’t be bothered. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

It made me think, though. I had been quite happy about my impending vacation, and the mean girl vibe, designed to make me feel inferior and like I didn’t belong in the world of great travelers and explorers (or, popular girls), no matter hos quickly I had managed to stifle it, still made my mood drop. Which made me want to physically kick myself (but I’m not that limber), because why did I ever let her have a say in my vacation? How does some people get off belittering your experiences? Do they really feel better, because they go the extra mile, pay more and get the “genuine” experience, per see, each and ever time?

And do they really mean to tell us the Mean Girls of traveling never go on an all-expenses paid leisure trip?

Maybe I’m the odd one out here, but every time I hear people talk about their trips – past, present and future – I can’t help but to marvel and get a bit jealous. There are too many places in this world that call my name, eager to be seen, for me to fuss about how I get there! My only fear is, I wont live long enough to see them all!

Does it really matter how you get there, as long as you get there, wherever “there” might be? The tiny masochist in me begs to take a poll with the Mean Girls to get it sorted, but I simply can’t be bothered. Too much energy gets wasted on stifling negativity. I rather put my money and time forward planning my next trip. Wherever that one might take me – however, too!